Email services

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 partner - hosted email, cloud Office 365 is a Microsoft hosted solution, which we can manage for you. It is labelled as Microsoft Office Services – hosted in the cloud. Your data is stored securely on Microsoft’s cloud systems, which is available to you from anywhere at any time. The benefit from using Office 365 is you pay a small monthly fee per user (or mailbox). You can connect to your emails using Microsoft Outlook (2007 or later). You can also connect to your email via feature-rich web mail via your Internet browser, allowing you to therefore connect from any machine connected to the Internet. Office 365 is supported on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. All the standard, expected features of a corporate mail solution are still available, including sharing calendars and accessing a shared mailbox.

Office 365 allows your business to store, view and edit files within your Internet Browser, as well as share and collaborate using Microsoft SharePoint whilst communicating with colleagues and client on Microsoft Lync.

Symantec.Cloud – Message Labs

Anti-spam anti-virus email, Microsoft Exchange i-dash has partnered with the security business, Symantec.Cloud (MessageLabs), through which we provide an effective and corporate-level anti-spam solution for email. The MessageLabs solution allows your business to benefit from virus and spam protection, which requires no additional on-site hardware or software.

Owning your own on-site email server (Microsoft Exchange)

i-dash is a Microsoft partner, with a wealth of experience of delivering on-site Microsoft Exchange solutions. We can upgrade your old server and migrate all your emails to the new platform, ensuring minimal downtime, and allowing your business to benefit from the new feature-rich Exchange services.

Fax to Email

Fax to email alleviates the need for a Fax machine to receive faxes, by forwarding incoming faxes straight to your chosen email address. Fax to Email provides small businesses with a confidential and efficient solution on geographical, non-geographical and international numbers.

This service also provides an online management portal, and the ability to archive received faxes in a secure environment saving the additional costs and office space of a fax machine.

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