Telephony services

i-dash are specialists in the telecoms industry and have experience with telephone lines, software and hardware. We are able to provide you with non-geographical and geographical numbers. For example, if your main operating office is in one part of the country but work with a lot of companies in London we are able to give you a Central London phone number in order for you to come across as a local company.

Line Rental

i-dash provides line rental, offering money savings and dealing with BT for you. We manage the ordering, installation, service and on-going billing for your telephone lines. If necessary, we will handle everything needed to transfer your lines from your existing carrier. Very offer very competitive rates to all destinations and through a variety of business-quality platforms. We provide a full range of solutions and services: from individual phones for remote offices, to large multi-site phone systems.

Call now for a no obligation review of all your telecoms needs, large or small. Call 01480 471086

Phone systems

i-dash have successfully built a strong lasting partnership with Splicecom Ltd, a UK phone systems company. We are therefore able to install and support you with a phone system and a range of handsets. Splicecom is designed with the future in mind, with an extensive feature set to meet your bespoke business needs. This facilities door entry system, call recording and complex dial plans. It can even be linked to your iPhone.

Splicecom phone system handsets - business phone system solution

Splicecom phone system handsets – business phone system solution

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